We have a general FAQ for patients who may be wondering about their care. If you have more specific questions, we encourage you to talk to our dentist at your next appointment at Prosthetic Dentistry of Olympia. Dr. Rick Jude can help you feel at ease by giving you answers and hopes that you will call us soon at 360-438-0711 for your next dental exam in Olympia, Washington!

Can You Help Me Get Rid of Stains on My Teeth?
Of course! We offer teeth whitening services as part of our cosmetic dentistry. We will be happy to remove surface stains from your teeth so that your smile remains dazzling for years!

Can You Help With My Loose or Floppy Dentures?
Dealing with ill-fitted dentures can be a daily struggle, and properly fit ones can make a major difference in everyday life. Come see Dr. Rick Jude if this is the case for you. He will be able to reposition your dentures so that they will not rub, click or pop out. We provide many services pertaining to dentures or partials, and we also offer implant-secured dentures that do not require any suction or adhesives.

What Kinds of Tooth Repair Do You Do?
We offer comprehensive dental services, ranging from cosmetic to restorative, to help you gain your best smile. We also offer TMJ treatments, as well as full-mouth reconstruction for patients who are missing all their teeth. We make sure to individualize each treatment to your special oral health needs and encourage you to ask questions at your appointment with our dentist.

Can You Help End My Headaches?
Absolutely! We provide TMJ treatments to patients who suffer from TMJ disorder to help you chew and speak normally without pain. We want to give you your best quality of life and hope that you will come visit us if you have TMJ.

Which Is better: Dentures or Implants?
Honestly, every person is different, and we encourage you to come visit us to determine which treatment is right for your smile. Our dentist will give you a consultation to discuss all your options, including cost, comfort, longevity and overall dental health.

Will Dental Implants Work for Me?
In most cases, yes. Some people may require bone grafting in order to receive dental implants, though that is a common procedure nowadays. If you do require bone grafting, your jaw should heal after a few months and will then be able to support the dental implants.