At Prosthetic Dentistry of Olympia, we are geared towards giving our patients the best care they can receive. Dr. Rick Jude will work with you to come up with a custom treatment plan involving a variety of comprehensive dental services to give you your best smile and oral health. At Prosthetic Dentistry of Olympia, we offer:

  • An experienced dentist with decades of background knowledge in dentistry and a record of thousands of satisfied patients
  • Comprehensive dental treatments backed by advanced technology to make sure you receive high-quality care
  • Smile care management with individualized treatment plans and Dr. Jude facilitating your care among a network of trusted specialists.

At our facility, we always return to the basic fundamentals of dentistry instead of the latest dental fad. We practice time-proven treatments instead of relying on the latest classes in dentistry, although we still use advanced technology to do it. You and your smile are our top priority, and we want to give you comprehensive care that you are comfortable with. You are more than just a set of teeth: you are a person to us, and we want to give you the best outcome possible when it comes to your smile!

Come see our dentist in Olympia, Washington, by calling 360-438-0711 to schedule an appointment with us!