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“It is estimated that over thirty million Americans are missing all teeth in either one or both jaws.”

A denture is a replacement for missing teeth. A complete denture is designed to replace all of the teeth in one arch.

If all natural teeth are already missing, a conventional complete denture can be made. The advantage to this approach is that the dentist can try in a trial wax denture into your mouth so that you can get a good idea of how the denture is going to look after it is processed. At this stage, changes to the esthetics can be made, if necessary. A negative to this approach is that you must already have all of your teeth removed before having a conventional complete denture. If you still have natural teeth to be removed and you do not want to go an extended period of time without teeth, an immediate complete denture may be an option.

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Immediate complete dentures (most often temporary dentures) are made prior to the final round of tooth extractions and are placed in the mouth immediately at the time of extractions. These dentures are mostly temporary because of the problems involved in the nature of the denture. There is a lot of “guess-work” involved in an immediate denture of any type because it is not possible to do a “try-in” of a wax denture to ensure esthetics. In addition, the extraction sites or sockets will change dramatically during the first year after extraction and will continue to change at a slower rate for the rest of your life. These immediate dentures are usually not intended to last much longer than the initial healing phase of six to twelve months.

Complete dentures aren’t for everyone. The fact of the matter is that it takes time and patience to become accustomed to new dentures. Some people are simply unable to tolerate them. And it has been said that a lower denture is four times more difficult to adapt to than an upper denture because they have a tendency to “float”. This, coupled with a significant loss of chewing power as compared to natural teeth, can be a real recipe for discomfort and frustration among denture wearers. Thankfully, there are alternatives to complete dentures. See the dental implants page for more information.


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