A few thoughts on dental insurance…

We often hear our patients voice frustration over their “lousy” dental insurance plan and the very limited benefits that they pay out. And understandably so. When dental insurance, as we know it, was first designed in the 1960’s, the maximum benefit the insurance company would pay was $1000.00 per person, per year. Fast forward fifty years…and guess what? They’re still paying about $1000.00 per person, per year! Needless to say, dental insurance has not kept up with inflation. And when you combine this low maximum payout with all of the limitations and exclusions that most dental plans have….well, you get the picture.

We like to help our patients see their dental insurance in a different light. We prefer to use the term “dental benefits”, explaining that it’s really more of a coupon-like discount that can be applied to some treatments rather than insurance “coverage”. It’s there to provide a little help.

It’s important to know that Dr. Jude will never make a treatment recommendation based upon the limitations of your insurance plan, but that he will always make treatment recommendations based upon a thorough examination of your mouth and his years of experience and expertise. He can often provide various treatment options for you that will best work within your budget. And you can rest assured that the administrative team, Jessica and Allison, will help you to maximize the use of your insurance benefits whenever possible!

Give us a call if you have any questions about your dental benefits. We’re here to help!

– Allison W.

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